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Smoke haze covered Melbourne as BOM predicted more thunderstorms

Melburnians have awoken to a layer of smoke over the city on the final day of the long weekend.

VicEmergency issued a warning about a planned fire in the Yarra Ranges on Sunday night for homes in eastern Melbourne and Mount Dandenong.

Residents and roadways in the area may see smoke, according to the report.

“In case you were wondering where all the smoke has suddenly come from (because it was perfectly clear outside at 1830) it’s from the Planned Burns in Montrose / Mt Evelyn Area,” the Lilydale SES said on Facebook.

“Please take care of yourself, consider closing windows and having your reliever medications handy if you need them.

“Planned burns are important to keep fuel loads low, and it would seem the lower temperatures and change of wind direction has started moving the smoke Lilydale and Mooroolbark bound.”

A veil of smoke blanketed the city early Monday morning.

Smoke haze covered Melbourne as BOM predicted more thunderstorms

Weather Forecast for Victoria

Because of a humid and unstable air mass above eastern Victoria, the city’s smoky haze developed following widespread thunderstorms across the state on Sunday night.

More rain could reach in the state’s west as early as Monday evening, with the possibility of more light rain in Melbourne.

With a high of 28 degrees Celsius anticipated on Tuesday, many returning to work after the long weekend will be feeling the heat.

Thunderstorms are also likely later in the day, along with heavy rainfall.

From the west, a succession of upper-level troughs are nearing Victoria, and the cold front is predicted to arrive on Wednesday.

Then, on Thursday, there’s a good chance of showers, with up to 10mm of rain possible and a high of 28 degrees.

The temperature is predicted to dip to 21°C on Friday, with a high of 22°C on both Saturday and Sunday, which is somewhat colder than the rest of the week.

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