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Melbourne’s Best Thai Restaurants

It’s difficult to pick the finest of the lot in Melbourne because it’s home to some of the greatest brands and most daring ideas in Thai food. 

And because we love you, we’re giving you a list of top and best Thai Restaurants in Melbourne that you must try!

Top 10 Thai Restaurants in Melbourne

Chin Chin

Chin Chin

After roughly three years, Chin Chin continues to colorfully dominate in a competitive Melbourne culinary scene, with congratulations to Chris Lucas and the team. Chin Chin is still crowded with customers every day, rain, hail, or shine, despite some of the city’s most lauded eateries failing and crumbling. The World Loves Melbourne dined alone at Chin Chin for lunch. We had previously enjoyed the fantastic “Feed Me” option, but this time a couple of meals, rice, and a glass of wine sufficed (before my business meeting).

Pop artwork, Asian imagery, the neon rabbit, and the stylish typography of Chin Chin’s logo create a distinctive atmosphere. The lighting is dark, the crowd has its own energy, there is movement, and there is occasionally a sensation of rushing. In truth, they are features of Asia, and you get the impression that you’re in Bangkok, Singapore, or another Asian metropolis.

Another area where Chin Chin excels is when it comes to Asian fusion. Every dish packs a powerful punch. The spice and heat levels have not been reduced. Another place that springs to mind is Spice Temple, where the spice is real and not watered down. Melbourne eaters are picky and seek for the genuine article. Chef Benjamin Cooper, a rock star chef with a burgeoning national and international renown, deserves credit.

The zesty and refreshing Wok Fried Salt and Pepper Squid with Nuoc Cham and Vietnamese Mint (above) was delicious. The spicy spike from the Nuoc Cham elevated the already deliciously crisp squid to new heights. The addition of the chilli, mint, and lemon added zing to the meal.

When it comes to fresh ingredients, Chin Chin is unrivaled. The Caramelised Sticky Pork with Sour Herb Salad & Chilli Vinegarette is one of Melbourne’s top pork dishes, according to The World Loves Melbourne. With this recipe, the fresh zingy Asian salad elements compliment and cut through the richness of the pork nicely. The sauce in the bowl was also outstanding, which I drank down with a side of rice.

With a no-bookings policy, it’s difficult to get a table, but the method has proven to be quite effective. This was a satisfying meal, especially when washed down with Tempranillo.

Address: 125 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000

Contact: (03) 8663 2000

Hours: Sun-Mon 11 am-12 am

Magic Mountain Saloon

Magic Mountain Saloon

Sister venue of The Toff and Cookie, Magic Mountain Saloon is a buzzy late-night bar and eatery in Melbourne’s CBD. The menu is ‘Thailand meets Australia’, full of creative, bold new ideas mixed with traditional South-East Asian flavours and the creativity doesn’t just stop at the food. The inventive drinks list is packed with beers, spitzes and an incredible cocktail selection… it’s a pretty informal atmosphere, so why not sit back, relax and enjoy a couple of their popular boozy Thai Coladas!

Address: 62 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Contact: (03) 9078 0078

Hours: Sun-Tue Closed, Wed-Fri 12-10:30 pm, Sat 11 am-10:30 pm

SOI 38

SOI 38

Soi 38, a former pop-up that now has a permanent home in Melbourne’s CBD and is open seven days a week, serves real Bangkok-style street cuisine. Soi 38 is famed for its Boat Noodles, which are linked with central Thailand and are an incredibly flavorful but little-known traditional Thai cuisine, akin to Vietnamese Pho but with a stronger kick. You’ll be addicted to them after you’ve tasted them!

Address: 38 Mcilwraith Pl, Melbourne VIC 3000

Contact: 0403 547 144

Hours: Sun Closed, Mon-Sat 11 am-3 pm, 5-10 pm

Dodee Paidang Thai Bar and Cafe

Dodee Paidang Thai Bar and Cafe

Do you have a strong desire for Thai cuisine? Dodee Paidang is a no-frills genuine Thai-style restaurant in Melbourne’s CBD. The flavors are to die for, and their grilled meats and seafood variety is unbeatable for quick and great eating. It gets crowded because it’s a local favorite, but if there’s a queue, just walk around the corner to its other location on Swanston Street. This cuisine will not let you down.

JirapornAnukoonpajit, the founder of Dodee Paidang Thai Bar and Cafe, devised the distinctive noodle dish roughly 30 years ago in Chachoengsao and has since expanded to practically every other province in Thailand. On a return trip to Thailand, I fell in love with the flavor of the delectable spicy noodles. They’ve now moved the franchise to Melbourne and built outlets there. With the often tough chore of locating all of Thailand’s unique components. They’ve tweaked the recipe to use ingredients that are readily available in their area.

Address: Basement/353 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Contact: (03) 9602 4968

Hours: Mon – Thurs: 11am-2:45pm, 5pm-9:30pm, Fri: 11am-2:45pm, 5pm-11:30pm, Sat: 11am-11:30pm, Sun: 11am-9:30pm

Jinda Thai

Jinda Thai

Jinda Thai is a feast for all the senses, conducted in genuine Thai manner by a family. Enter the evocative dining area, which features warm red exposed brick walls, low-hanging lamps, and bright flashes of color. The flavors are also noteworthy; the dishes are bursting with fresh Thai herbs and spices, and are influenced by the family’s grandmother’s recipes. If you want classic Thai curries, this is undoubtedly one of Melbourne’s greatest Thai restaurants.

Jinda Thai has swiftly gained a reputation as a powerful modern Thai restaurant with a loyal following. The food is traditional with a modern touch, the staff is friendly, and the service is great. Jinda Thai is also rewarding customers with a $3 corkage fee. Enter a lively modern environment with plenty of natural light that takes on a different but equally enticing vibe at night with elegant lighting. Definitely one of Melbourne’s greatest Thai restaurants.

We knew we’d be exposing the kids to spices and heat, so we brought them along. Jinda Thai does not “dumb things down” in order to appeal to Western palates. It’s all about delicious, genuine, and well-presented cuisine.

The appetizers are a standout, with chopped prawns, coriander roots, Thai pepper, and a spring roll-like wrapper satisfying adults and children alike. These are something I could eat all night… Jinda Thai is a fashionable restaurant that has been transformed into a vast warehouse. Vibrant noise levels are ensured by exposed masonry and hardwood floors. The restaurant was quickly filled around 6 p.m., with more guests arriving later for a second sitting…

With marinated pork skewers and handmade nam jim, Moo Ping Sticky Rice is a satisfying meal. Jinda Thai isn’t afraid to use a lot of heat and pepper, although the sauce is served separately in a different dish. These sticky rice skewers were a standout. Oh, we adore sticky rice, but it’s not always available at Thai restaurants where we eat. On the wall, Grandmother Jinda is proudly depicted. Take note of the appealing, rather than tacky, artwork adorning the walls. Hip décor and cool lanterns. There’s no kitsch here… We placed a second order for the Skewers (love the cane basket for the sticky rice)…

The Barramundi Fillet has a deliciously crispy shell and beautiful white barramundi flakes within. The texture and sweetness of the fish are ideal for Thai cookery. Green apple salad dressing with green apple, red onion, fresh chilli, coriander, lemon juice, and fish sauce was served with deep-fried fish. This is a fantastic mix. We should have ordered another helping because the kids enjoyed it as well. One to remember for the future…

Jinda Thai features a laid-back but trendy modern vibe. Green Curry Chicken was creamy and spicy, with just the right amount of heat. The heat in this dish gradually builds… Many Thai restaurants in Melbourne have excellent pig neck dishes, and the Thai style marinated pork neck off the grill at Jinda Thai was excellent. The Thai special fried rice with chicken was a complete dinner in and of itself, as well as a kid’s supper…

We really liked the Seafood Noodles, which shocked us with how spicy they were. The youngsters were put off by this meal and its degree of spiciness after learning that noodle dishes can be rather spicy… Desserts at Jinda Thai are simple but delicious. I’m guessing that more people will purchase them because they aren’t too hefty and are reasonably priced. Ice cream with coconut was a big success… Although the Cakes are appealing, the Coconut Ice Cream takes the prize. Jinda Thai is one of Melbourne’s top Thai restaurants, impressing on every level with its freshness and excitement…

Address: 1/7 Ferguson St, Abbotsford VIC 3067

Contact: (03) 9419 5899

Hours: Wed Closed, Thur-Tue 11:30 am-3:30 pm, 4:30 pm-10 pm


On a Friday evening in the summer, we’re all familiar with Rooftop Bar, but Cookie, a few floors below, serves some of Melbourne’s greatest Thai food. Steamed fish dumplings with pickled cucumber, a zesty salmon, avocado, and pomelo salad served with lemongrass and ginger, and, of course, a brutally delicious pad thai are among the creative drinks (try the French Flip).

Cookie, which is mix beer hall, part cocktail bar, and part modern Thai cuisine, fills a unique niche. Come here with a group if the major purpose for your visit is to sample the food, which is always great. The menu is large, and the ambiance is lively, so it’s better for birthday parties than dating evenings.

Address: 252 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Contact: (03) 9663 7660

Hours: Wed-Thur 12-11 pm, Fri-Sat 12 pm- 12 am, Sun 12-11 pm, Mon 4-10 pm, Tue 4-11 pm

Mango Tree

Mango Tree Thai, located in the tranquil neighborhood of Mount Waverley, serves simple and tasty Thai cuisine without the glitz and glam of the metropolis. The Pad Thai is a crowd-pleaser, but don’t overlook the Pad Makeua for something a bit different, and try the wok-fried eggplant with minced chicken or pork, chilli, and Thai basil to finish it all off. Also a hit is the full fried barramundi with sweet and spicy sauce. It’s impossible to go wrong with the greatest Thai in Melbourne’s southeast suburbs.

Mango Tree is one of Melbourne‘s greatest Thai restaurants, with flavors that capture the heart of Thailand, ‘fierce, deep, and sweet.’ Fresh Thai ingredients are used to provide a simple and genuine eating experience. Walking inside Mango Tree transports you to Bangkok’s streets, and the hawker-style aromas are almost as delicious as the meals you’re about to eat.

Address: 315 Stephensons Rd, Mount Waverley VIC 3149

Contact: (03) 9807 7423

Hours: Mon: 5pm-10pm, Tues – Sun: 12pm-2:30pm, 5pm-10pm

Son in Law

This famous Collingwood café, named after the classic Thai dish son-in-law eggs (kai loug kheuh), is perfect for the young folks in the family as well as Instagram-lovers! Pink walls and fluro seats embellish this trendy, modern Thai eatery. Cartoon gau bao (edible bao shaped like your favorite cartoon characters!) are on the menu. There’s even a drink with Hello Kitty on top, as well as a mountain of fairy floss! But don’t worry… it’s not only for the young at heart. Without a pokemon in sight, they serve a fantastic Tom Yum Soup and an outstanding savory cuisine of classic small and medium portions, noodles, and rice meals. One of Melbourne’s most distinctive Thai eateries.

Address: 56 Johnston St, Collingwood VIC 3066

Contact: (03) 9410 0399

Hours: Mon – Fri: 5:30pm-10pm, Sat: 12pm-4pm, 5:30pm-11pm, Sun: 12pm-4pm, 5:40pm-10pm

Long Grain

Scott Pickett has brought Longrain back to life after the legendary restaurant announced its permanent closure in 2020. This rustic-chic South-East Asian restaurant has been brought back to life with a brand new renovation, and it still carries a punch. Their sophisticated food, as well as their Thai-inspired drinks, are among Melbourne’s best. It’s a little more expensive than your neighborhood Thai restaurant, but it’s well worth it for the 5-star eating experience.

At Longrain, communal tables and modern flavors rule supreme. While the sweet, sticky caramelised pork hock and picture-perfect eggnet garner the most attention, there are plenty of other dishes on the menu that are equally deserving of your stomach space.

Address: 44 Little Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Contact: (03) 9653 1600

Hours: Mon-Thur 5:30-10 pm, Fri 12-3 pm, 5-11 pm, Sat-Sun 5-11 pm

Rock Sugar

In South Yarra, Rock Sugar is a renowned Thai restaurant with a pop culture twist.

Lemongrass, Thai basil, and kaffir lime, as well as coconut milk, fish sauce, and a slew of other herbs and spices, infuse Thai cuisine with unusual flavors and scents. If you want to spice it up, go ahead; this is Thai cuisine at its finest.

We wanted everything on the menu since it was so tempting. Small to medium-sized meals include anything from fresh seafood from South Australia’s Spencer Gulf to traditional chicken satay. The chicken satay with turmeric and peanut nam jim, Hiramasa kingfish with chili, pomelo, and salmon roe, and short ribs with tamarind nam jim, pickles, and chilli salt are some of our favorites.

A terrific genuine curry is a must-have on any Thai cuisine. The Massman Curry was outstanding among the more than five curry selections on the menu. Think slow-roasted beef shin, peanuts, potato, coriander, and pickled shallots for an 18-hour meal. The beef is really tender and the curry is thick and flavorful.

Not only does Rock Sugar appeal to your nose and palate, but the dish is also beautifully presented! The young snapper as a whole stole the stage by sitting completely erect on the platter.

The cocktail menu is as unique as the meal. Aside from delicious food, Rock Sugar is known for its distinctive made-to-order ‘rocktails,’ like as Blue Bird (sake, lemongrass, lychee, Violette, and citrus) and the Chilli Chocolate Martini (chocolate sorbet, cognac, and chili), which is a mesmerizing combination of sweet and fiery (not for the faint at heart). To add to the fun, practically all of the ‘rocktails’ are served in bubble tea cups, complete with gigantic straws! Traditional Thai beers will still be available, as well as a fantastic wine collection.

Try the turmeric crème caramel with blood orange deliciousness or the chocolate mousse for dessert! Both are light and delicate, and they’re a lovely way to end the evening.

Rock Sugar has caught the fresh, aromatic essence of Thai cuisine, and the team’s dedication will ensure that this restaurant remains one of the most popular Thai destinations.

Address: 477 Malvern Rd, South Yarra VIC 3141

Contact: (03) 9826 2888

Hours: Mon Closed, Tue-Thurs 5-10 pm, Fri 4-11 pm, Sat 12-3 pm, 4-11 pm, Sun 4-10 pm

In Melbourne, there are a plethora of Thai restaurants to select from. It’s healthy to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Perhaps you could change out of your trackies and go out to eat Thai food at a restaurant.

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