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Melbourne’s Best Surf Beaches

Surfing is an art form that requires time and a lot of effort to master. When you initially begin to surf, your primary aim should be to just stand on the board and wait for the wave to pass. Flipping about on your board and skimming through pipelines can wait a few years.

Most people are aware that Melbourne beaches are known for kitesurfing and surfing. But did you know that, in addition to Brighton and St. Kilda, there are a plethora of other beaches to visit and lots of adventure opportunities? Apart from surfing and bathing, there’s a lot to do at Melbourne beaches, from seeing koalas perched atop trees to wildlife cruises and penguin boardwalks.

Best Surf Spots in Melbourne



Torquay, 95 kilometers south of Melbourne, is a surfing mecca and the official start of the Great Ocean Road. Since 1961, top worldwide surfers have gathered at Bells Beach to compete in the Rip Curl Pro.

I wouldn’t recommend surfing at Bells Beach unless you’re an experienced surfer since the waves may be fairly challenging. Fisherman’s Beach and Back Beach are the ideal beaches to visit if you’re a novice.

Jan Juc is your break if you’re ready to take on a new challenge while staying in beginning zone. When Pt Addis is flat as a tack, this is the spot to go. It’s a little more aggressive than Torquay main beach (and typically less crowded). If you can’t leave your best friend at home, there’s also a dog-friendly portion.

It can get fairly punchy on its biggest days, so read the rip and compare the intensity of the waves to your ability level before going in.

Frankston Pier

Frankston Pier

Frankston Pier offers stunning views of the coastline and is a lovely place to wander in the evening. Since you’re so close to the pier, you might as well check out the beach while you’re there. There is a large picnic and BBQ area nearby, as well as parking. You should also take your kids to the Peninsula Aquatic Recreation Center while you’re in Frankston. It is a popular aquatic entertainment park because of its large water sports facilities and numerous waterfalls. In addition to the pools, there are gyms on the premises, as well as treatments at the wellness center.

The sand sculpturing area may be found on the Frankston seafront. Many visitors come to witness the bizarre animal sculptures made of sand, as well as a sand zoo. Up to Oliver’s Hill, a peaceful boardwalk stretches along the beach’s shoreline. This stretch of beach is ideal for romantic walks, and there are several cafes and eateries along the route. The sunset vista from the water’s edge is truly breathtaking. If you want to shoot pictures, go there at dawn or dusk for the best light.

Travel down the boardwalk for lengthy walks and to take in the sandy landscape. From Wells Street to Oliver’s Hill, the boardwalk encircles much of the coastal ecosystem. You can even get a beautiful view of Port Philip from here, and if you’re stopping by the Pier, search for the 22-letter “hidden message” on the flags.

After viewing the Pier, visit the Ballam Park Homestead to round up your day. On Sundays, guided tours are available from 1 to 5 p.m., and you’ll enjoy visiting the museum and seeing the old-fashioned outbuildings inside the homestead. An ice cream truck is known to appear right outside the park nearby, providing a treat for children.

Point Addis Surf Beach

Point Addis Surf Beach

Large caverns and tunnels revealed at the beaches west end on low tide make Point Addis as much fun to explore as it is to surf. When investigating, keep an eye out for a rising tide, as the oncoming tide might shut off this stretch of the beach. The main beach at Point Addis is well-protected for surfers, with mild waves even when the swell is strong elsewhere. Closer to the point, the finest waves are found, providing some great waves away from the masses. Point Addis is one of two nudist beaches in the vicinity, with the southern end of the beach being the preferred location for sunbathing without a tan line.

One of my best-kept secrets is this location. This lovely bay, which is protected in a national park but permits dogs off leash, with a sheltered beach break that seldom climbs over rolling 3–4fters and a smooth descent into the ocean (meaning you can catch waves while still standing up).



Carrum Beach is one of Melbourne’s greatest neighborhood beaches for families and children. There is plenty of parking, and the beach is only a short walk away from the railway station. The beach’s Life Saving Station features clean restrooms and a pleasant children’s playground.

If you want to go sightseeing, stop by the Carrum War Memorial, which is off the Nepean Highway. If you want to go fishing or learn more about life at sea, the Sharkmen Fishing Charters are a must-see site. You’ll learn a lot about fishing here, and you’ll also be able to go on boat cruises to capture your catch. Grape Expectations Australia will not let you down when it comes to a drink of fine wine and informal discussion with friends. They host regional wine tours of the Mornington Peninsula and the Yarra Valley, where you can learn about the charm of microbreweries while drinking on the finest beverages.

The beaches of Melbourne are a surfer’s dream, but as you can see, there’s a lot more to them than that. With, you can take your kids and family on a vacation to beautiful Australian beaches and enjoy the time of your lives. We make it simple to book flights and get the greatest hotel rates. On our website, you can also compare prices and obtain fast confirmation on your reservations. There’s also a no-hassle cancellation policy if you change your mind, and you can take advantage of our skip-the-line bookings to bypass huge lines and enjoy front-row tickets to the hottest events.

Mornington Peninsula

Mornington Peninsula

There’s a reason why the Mornington Peninsula is one of Melbourne’s most popular beaches. From the moment you arrive, you will never be bored. Start by taking in a view of the 1300 beach boxes that line the shore, then embark on a pleasant vineyard tour. The Red Hill Brewery and the Mornington Peninsula Brewery are two neighboring breweries where you may sample the finest wines and mocktails. Take a dive from the Blairgowrie Jumping Rock at Bridgewater Bay if you want to dive into the crystal-clear seas.

At Sorrento Beach, have a picnic with your family. The Fish Fetish restaurant there is well-known for serving some of the region’s greatest fish & chips. Head to Cape Schanck for a beautiful sunset by the sea, with great observation spots. The expansive rock formations along the Peninsula’s shoreline are also a visual delight, making it an ideal location for photography. If you visit the Peninsula during the summer months, from October to April, you could even see seals and dolphins while swimming.

Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach is one of Melbourne’s most well-known beaches. Upper Brighton Beach, Middle Brighton Beach, and Dendy Street Beach are the three portions, in case you didn’t know. Each one is only 30 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD, and you can reach there by taking bus 216 or 219 from the CBD.

You may hire a bike from Brighton Beach Bikes, which is located adjacent to the Brighton Pier, and pedal down the gorgeous coastline road. There are several bathing huts along this length of beach, which transform it into an aesthetic marvel in its own right, becoming even more lovely as the seasons pass. If you’re new to sailing or want to try it out, the Royal Brighton Yacht Club provides up to three introductory sails. Along Church Street, you’ll discover a variety of shopping opportunities, including elegant fashion outlets, boutique boutiques, and a variety of beauty brands.

If you can’t go to the beach because it’s raining, head to the Palace Brighton Bay on Bay Street or the Palace Dandy Brighton on Church Street for some popcorn and movies.

Phillip Island

Aside from the MotoGP and penguins, Phillip Island has several exceptional surfing beaches. Woolamai, famed for its large waves, is the most popular beach for surfers. The rips, on the other hand, may be deadly, so this is definitely not the best speed for a novice. Because to the ocean swells, Smith’s Beach is considered the best beach for novices. The waves at Smith’s Beach are gentle and inviting, however the beach may grow busy in the summer.

For the adventurous out there, the Phillip Island Nature Park is a treasure mine of species and gorgeous landscape. Go to the Koala Conservation and wander over the boardwalks if you enjoy watching koalas. In their native environment, you’ll find them napping or chewing on Eucalyptus leaves.

If you want to see Kangaroos, go to the Phillip Island Fauna Park, where you’ll find some of Australia’s most beautiful wildlife. The emus and geese running freely throughout the open enclosures are a sight to behold, and it makes for a pleasurable experience. Visit the Forrest Caves with a loved one if you want to have a romantic stroll along the seashore. You’ll need at least 1 to 2 hours to explore the beach and perhaps climb the nearby rock formations. It’s worth noting, though, that the caverns are only accessible at low tides.

Take your children whale watching at Pyramid Rock if you’re traveling with them. From the viewing platform, you can obtain a 270-degree view of the shore, and there is also parking.


Lorne is a popular weekend getaway and summer vacation destination, with many visitors drawn to the chic café scene and calm beach walks. Lorne is also a great place for beginners to learn to surf, with mild waves on most days near the southern end of the beach. You’ll also find excellent protection from large west waves and associated winds here.

Due to the straight and broad sandbar that is present on most days, mostly overflowing close out waves break on the southern corner. As the sandbars get more uneven farther up the beach, the waves offer more lefts and rights, so keep an eye out for rips. Lorne is ideal for individuals who wish to practice catching whitewater or green waves and turning, which is easier with higher tides.

If the surf is flat and the wind is from the north, as it often is in the summer, head to the more exposed beaches surrounding Fairhaven and Anglesea, taking care to avoid rip currents and practicing proper surfing technique.

St. Kilda Beach

To travel to St. Kilda, use the Skybus from Melbourne Airport. It’s a lovely beach just waiting to be discovered. Rent a bike from St. Kilda Bicycles and pedal down the beach route if you’re going alone. Visit Republica for some tasty beverages and a delicious supper. If you’re craving Matcha, the Matcha Mylkbar is here to help. Spend an evening walking through the Botanical Gardens. If you’re in the need for some retail therapy, jump on the tram and head to Melbourne City Center. Apart from the Melbourne beaches, the Night Market and the Eureka Sky Tower are two places worth seeing.

The beach is best visited on sunny days since you can sunbathe. In the mornings and nights, you’ll see a lot of folks practicing HIIT, cardio, and other types of workouts along the beach’s edge. You are welcome to join them if you so desire. Swimming, sailing, kite surfing, and windsurfing are some of the other activities available in Melbourne beaches such as St. Kila. If you’re hungry, we recommend stopping by Mr. Natural Pizza Place or eating a light bite at the Beachcomber Cafe.

Williamstown Beach

Williamstown Beach is a clean, open, and sandy beach that is ideal for lengthy walks when the inclination strikes. It’s lovely all year, and the crowds are lighter during the winter months. It’s 22 minutes from Melbourne’s Williamstown Station to the rear of the seawall, where you’ll find some fantastic snorkeling locations.

It’s ideal for surfing because of the crystal-clear seas and modest waves. Summer is the best time to visit since the weather is nice and there are lots of food and drink options along the beach. Parking is also not an issue.

When you come here, you’ll see a lot of cyclists and dog walkers strolling by the immaculate golden sand. The moderate wind along the beach and the brightness in the mornings add to the enjoyment. If you’re looking for some fun and games, join your buddies for a game of beach volleyball. Swimming is another alternative if you want to do something other than surf.

Grab your rashguard and surfing board and start completing your bucket list. Enjoy the waves and scenery on different surf beaches in Melbourne.

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