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20 Things To Do When Bored for Girls

Even if the world has a lot of exciting things to offer, there are times when we’re bored and have nothing to do – it’s okay to be bored now and then! That is why, today, we will look at the top things for girls to do when they are bored, in the hopes of either overcoming boredom or providing some ideas for your spare time.

Bored Girl’s Guide to Fun Things to Do

20 Things To Do When Bored for Girls

Try a  New Hairstyle

Give yourself a fresh look with a new hairstyle or hair colour.
There are plenty of videos and guides about DIY hair colouring and haircutting for a new look that you can watch and try to kill boredom.

If you need to trim something, be sure you have the proper equipment. If you don’t have any at home, Amazon provides basic cutting shears. You’ll also need a wide-toothed comb.

Use the point-cutting method, which entails vertically angling the scissors to create your cut.

Bangs and vibrant-coloured hair are good ideas to try.

Cook or Bake

Cooking encompasses a wide range of activities. Cooking might take up part of your time, whether it’s for dinner, dessert, or snack. Culinary books, internet recipes, and cooking videos may all be used to assist you to make the most delectable things you’ve ever eaten (or prepared.)

With the support of friends and family, you may also host a bake sale.
Try a new recipe like pizza bagels, a chocolate chip log, or hot chocolate pancakes that you’ve never tried before.

Sort through your clothing and accessories

Put together some outfits for yourself, pack away out-of-season clothing, de-clutter, and reorganize your closet so that all of your things are in the same colour family or the same style of garment. When you can’t decide what to wear, you may put entire clothes on a rack in your closet or wardrobe.

Do Yoga

Yoga and meditation offer several physical and psychological advantages. When you’re bored, learning how to spend some quiet time for yourself while moving your body and being attentive is a terrific skill to master and practice.

When you’re first starting, following a YouTube yoga regimen might be beneficial. All you’ll need is a yoga mat, a quiet space, and 30 minutes of uninterrupted concentration for your daughter. You can join her for a fun, quiet bonding activity that you can do every day.

Prepare an art project

This is one of the most popular activities for girls to do while they’re bored at home. Then, get out your sketch pencils, craft paper, and a few colours to make a piece of art that is just right. Many videos can also be found on YouTube or on Google. Because it makes you think, it is one of the best things to do when you’re bored.

Go to Pinterest

Pinterest may be both entertaining and useful. Pinterest may keep you entertained for a while, whether you’re planning anything or just bored! It includes a lot of boards for you to look at, and you can even make your own! Pinterest may inspire you to create great DIYs and crafts.

Read a book

Do you enjoy reading stories? Are you a fan of the macabre or suspenseful? If so, why aren’t you taking use of it? Start reading a book you enjoy. To do this in your leisure time is one of the nicest things you can do. In particular, if you are an avid reader, this pastime is for you. Even if you’re not much of a reader, short stories are well worth your time.

Learn a new skill

Taking the effort to acquire a new skill, such as how to correctly cut onions or how to change a car’s tire, is extremely advantageous.

Learning to code may be done in your own time as well as at work.

The world of coding is vast and interesting. Thank goodness for online tools like Codecademy and AppInventor, which may assist you in following your dream of building your own app or game. When you’re creating a profession in the future, this will come in handy.

Have fun with your pet

It will not only be enjoyable for you but also for your pet! You may take your dog for a stroll if you have one. If you don’t have a pet, you may go to a pet store and look at them; you don’t have to buy one.

Give yourself a treat

Soak in the tub. In there, you may unwind for as long as you wish. You can even take a shower if you choose. Give yourself a break and utilize that face mask for that additional shine you’ve been desiring. Treat yourself to a face mask, a hair mask, a body scrub, and a candle-lit bath.

Take a stroll

Take a break by going for a stroll outside and appreciating the modest and simple pleasures that life has to offer. You may simply go around the block or go further and visit a park to look around and discover new sights. If you reside in the country, you’re in luck; there are lots of locations to visit, such as a river, the woods, or a mountain; nevertheless, you may need to travel with an adult.

Swap out your sheets

If you haven’t changed your sheets in a while, now is a good opportunity to do so and evaluate how you feel about it in terms of sleep quality and how your bedroom looks.

Set up a photoshoot

Having a picture session, whether by yourself or with friends and family, may be one of the most enjoyable experiences you’ll ever have! There’s always the potential to snap hundreds of photos, no matter where or when the photo session takes place! Now you’ll have a reason to post on Instagram!


Working out or exercise might help you feel better and more energetic! You may go for a jog around your neighborhood, ride your bike, or even work out at home! You could also go to the gym and work out for an hour or so; this will keep you occupied and you will be doing something good for your body! Finally, you can give your body the workout it’s been craving! Working out is really beneficial for the health and well-being. Definitely, one of the best things to do when bored!

Make a shopping trip

Choose your favorite stores, whether it’s a large luxury retail store or a stylish charity shop. It doesn’t have to be clothing shopping; it may be whatever you desire, including food, stationery, sports equipment, or whatever else appeals to you. If you don’t have any money, window shop. You may look at everything in the stores you like, try on clothes and accessories, grab a few free samples, and plan ahead for what you’ll purchase for your friends and family’s birthdays and Christmas.

Play a musical instrument

You can improve your skills if you already play an instrument. You can attempt it if you don’t know how to play it but have access to an instrument (for example, a piano in your living room). You can also purchase an instrument on your own (e.g. a recorder, guitar, ukelele, or kalimba).

Watch a movie

Who doesn’t like viewing a great movie or starting a new show? Watching a movie or a television show is a fantastic way to pass the time! Take some munchies and snuggle while watching your favourite movie or program! You may even go to the nearest movie theatre to check what new releases are available.

Apply nail polish

When you have your nails done, you appear more sophisticated! There are dozens of colours and designs to choose from when it comes to painting your nails, so don’t be afraid to experiment. If you don’t know how to paint your nails, you may still go to a manicure salon of your choosing and relax while your nails are transformed into something even more beautiful!

Write a journal

Take out your diary or a piece of paper and jot down what’s on your mind. Read through what you’ve written and remarked on it.

Make a pot of fresh coffee

If you enjoy coffee, this is the finest thing you can do since nothing beats the scent of freshly brewed coffee in your kitchen.

You can also try to make iced coffee or dalgona coffee. This are one of my top things I do when I’m bored.

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