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Melbourne’s Best Puppy Schools

Training is an important aspect of every dog’s life for a variety of reasons. Training boosts self-esteem, stimulates the mind, and develops the human-animal relationship. Mental stimulation is crucial for a dog’s overall well-being. It’s just as important as getting some regular exercise just like people do! Obedience training aids in the prevention of temperament and behavior issues. Many dogs acquire behavioral issues as a result of their owners’ failure to establish and enforce guidelines. Dog obedience training positions you as the pack leader and teaches your dog to obey your commands. Training your fur kids at a young age will make them better adult dogs and will have no issues adjusting to the big and scary world out there! Let’s begin their journey to becoming amazing and well-adjusted dogs by going through the list of Melbourne’s top 10 dog training and obedience schools. 

Top 10 Puppy Training Schools for Your Fur Babies

The Art of Dog Training

The Art of Dog Training - Melbournenews

Michelle McClurg is an experienced Dog Behaviourist. The Art of Dog Training began in 2009, however she has loved, cared for and worked with dogs and other animals all her life. In 2010 Michelle completed her Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training with the National Dog Trainers Federation of Australia and she continues to add to this knowledge by studying from various sources and Dog Experts from Australia and internationally. Basic Dog Training, Dog Walking, Saturday Dog Walking and Group Classes are available. 

Address: South Yarra VIC 3141

Contact: 04 0300 0122


Command Dog Training School

Command Dog Training - Melbournenews

Command Dog Training School (CDTS) is one of the largest and most respected professional dog training companies in Melbourne. It is often recommended as the school of choice by veterinarians, local councils, pet shops and other pet industry businesses. Established in 1989, the school has won numerous awards for its outstanding customer service. This success has been achieved through honesty, fairness, commitment to best practices in training methods, customer focus and continuous self improvement.

Our Instructors are ardent in their work which is reflected in the high standards achieved by dog owners and of course, their dogs. The school’s instructors are qualified and nationally accredited by Australia’s leading industry bodies, AAPDT (Australian Association of Professional Dog Trainers Inc) and DTA  (Dog Trainers Australia). 

Unlike many other so-called dog trainers of today who claim they are behaviourists after doing a short course in dog training, CDTS Instructors are all experienced hands-on trainers who have been selected by Basil Theofanides (Training Director and Owner) to join the school as Instructors.

Address: 19 Jeffery St, Blackburn VIC 3130, Melbourne, Australia

Contact: 03 9877 6522


Positive K9 Training

Positive K9 Training - Melbournenews

PK9 Online the ultimate destination for online dog training.  For just $50 each month, you get access to every training video and webinar in our library, with more being added regularly.  Your PK9 Online membership also gets you access to our members-only Facebook group. Connect with like-minded dog owners and ask our trainers questions – perfect for maintaining momentum and motivation with your training. Every member of the team has undergone extensive training education and has a history of great results.  At Positive K9 Training, you have access to knowledgeable trainers who are looking forward to helping you with your pet. We offer 5-star puppy packages, basic dog training, 4-week puppy course, and K9 competition training. 

Address: 288 Doncaster Road, Balwyn North, Melbourne 3104

Contact: 04 0975 9759


Dale For Dogs

Dale for Dogs - Melbournenews

Dale For Dogs provides in-home puppy training and dog training in Melbourne at competitive rates. Whether you are expecting a puppy, or require dog obedience training, we can help. We work together with you and your family to resolve any issues and concerns you may have including toilet training, biting, jumping, barking, walking, separation anxiety, basic commands, and more.  One-on-one training in your home is invaluable as it is in your dog’s natural environment & can never be replaced by group classes or puppy school. 

Dale For Dogs has been the product of hard work harnessing all the experience and knowledge I have gained over many years working with some of the best in the industry. My training style is the product of years curating the best techniques to achieve the most effective and balanced training methods. Dog training services include basic dog training and obedience, puppy training, and advanced obedience training. 

Address: Serves all areas in Melbourne

Contact: 04 0351 2189


Good Dog Behaviour and Training

Good Dog Behaviour and Training - Melbournenews

Good Dog is a professional dog training and behaviour consultancy, born and based in Melbourne. Our mission is simple – to make dog training accessible and fun and easy to understand so that Melbourne’s dogs get to go more places, more often.

We love what we do – every day, we are given the opportunity to be invited into the homes of Melbourne’s dogs and their people to see firsthand the results of goals realised through improved communication, a little understanding of how dogs learn and better relationships, making living together easier.

We work with all kinds of dogs and their families, and our focus on private training ensures that even the busiest professionals with the tightest schedules can make the most of our services, and all in the comfort of their own homes. We offer two options of trainings: Private Coaching and Day Training. From there you can choose from different programs such as The Super Puppy, The Good Dog, The JK Growling, The Melbourne Dog, The Family Dog, and The Charles Barkowski. 

Address: Serves all neighbourhoods across Melbourne and nearby areas

Contact: 439 331 354


Manners for Paws

Manners for Paws - Melbournenews

Passionate about dogs, their welfare and responsible pet ownership, our aim is to provide you with a personalised and comprehensive dog training and behaviour modification service to help you create harmony in your home. As individuals, couples and families find it increasingly difficult with their dogs behaviour and/or unable to attend regular dog training classes, our service caters to your availability, as we come to you for all your training and behaviour needs.

At Manners For Paws Dog Training, we use reward based training, to help the humans and paws of your family learn to communicate with each other more effectively and help you recognise what motivates your dog and in turn, provide you with the behaviours you want.  Manners For Paws Dog Training will help to create and strengthen your bond through training, help you build solid structure and boundaries in the home, which will result in a better relationship between you and your dog.

Our private consulting business specialises in Separation Anxiety in dogs using protocols from the Separation Anxiety Certification Program. We can help with behaviour modification and manners training services through private consultations if your dog is displaying unwanted behaviours and Dog Reactive dogs, that typically display barking and lunging while on lead as a coping mechanism for their fear and/or frustration.

In today’s climate, we also run Virtual Consults via Zoom for dogs and puppies and have found these to be really helpful during lockdown.

Address: All Classes are done virtually during lockdown

Contact: 04 1740 0260 


Good Dog Training Tips

Good Dog Training Tips - Melbournenews

Alessina Brooks is a professionally qualified trainer of dogs and have taught dogs general obedience and worked through all sorts of problem behaviours, with great results, both in Australia and overseas. Her training method specialises in developing harmonious relationships between owners and their dogs. As well as teaching dogs to be obedient, she trains them to be respectful, trusting companions for their owners and families. As a fully qualified Behavioural Scientist, her coaching experience also allows her to help dog owners change the way they are relating to their dog. She often finds that offering support and guidance to troubled dog owners is just as important as training their troubled dogs! Alessina’s training uses a method that allows your dog to relearn acceptable behaviours instead of the annoying ones, without the use of force, fear or aggression.   She prefers not to use food rewards to achieve positive results, but will teach your dog to listen to your voice and respond to both your change in voice and how and where you stand.

Address: Glen Iris VIC 3146

Contact: 04 0050 8944


Puppy Professor

Puppy Professor - Melbournenews

Hi, my name is Himali and I’m the owner of Puppy Professor. I believe that owning a dog is one of life’s most rewarding experiences, but it is also a responsibility. A well behaved dog has more opportunities to be part of your life and accompany you on adventures, both big and small.  The bond developed through positive-reinforcement based training and play is one that I cherish. I immerse dog owners fully in the training process; explaining the theory behind my suggestions so that you and your dog get the best results possible. I believe in training dogs to want to work with you and to engage in all environments without the use of fear, force or intimidation. I have a Diploma in Canine Behaviour Science and Technology from the Companion Animal Sciences Institute which is known for their science-based, academically advanced curriculum. I am also a Fear Free Certified Trainer, a member of the Pet Professional Guild Australia and a volunteer at Moorabbin Obedience Dog Club. Several training programs are offered like Perfect Start Puppy School, Individual Private Consults, Chaos to Calm Program, and Online counselling. 

Address: South East Melbourne VIC, Australia

Contact: 04 0302 9590


K-9iQ Dog and Puppy Obedience and Behaviour Training

K-9iQ Dog Obedience and Training - Melbournenews

K-9iQ is ethical, responsible, approachable and has you and your dog’s best interests at heart. We have established a reputation of excellence working with our clients to ensure their dog’s behavioural needs are resolved to their satisfaction. Our experience and depth of knowledge is unparalleled in the industry. We pride ourselves in offering you value for money. Our fees, while being very competitive, are fixed and agreed with you in advance. ​Being an industry leading dog trainer doesn’t mean charging ludicrous consultation fees. Regardless of the breed or problem, you can trust your puppy or adult dog is in the best hands with K-9IQ.  K-9iQ is widely recognised as the industry leader in behaviour modification and obedience training of puppies and dogs of all ages.

K-9iQ is Australian owned and operated by Jean-Claude Bertoni – one of Australia’s most respected and qualified dog trainers. Jean-Claude has over 25 years of experience and has been involved in the training of well over 100,000 thousand dogs.

Address: 200 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Contact: Only through the enquiry form on the website


Pro Dog Training

Prodog Training - Melbournenews

What makes us different from other dog trainers is that our methods encompass motivational dog training with a strong focus on positive reinforcement that takes place within a well-structured program. We create reliable, sustainable practices that reflect you and your dog’s needs that are applicable in the real world and results in happy, well balanced and well-behaved dogs.

Our staff are fully qualified and highly experienced dog trainers, but we are also dog enthusiasts. We set high standards for our training programs that integrate skills and play to keep you and your dog motivated. We have two of the largest indoor dog training centres in Australia, located in West Footscray in Melbourne; but as a standard practice we conduct smaller group training sessions to maximise your experience. Whatever your dog training needs are, our team of experts can help you. With years of high-level professional experience in various disciplines and relevant qualifications, we are leaders in the dog training and daycare industries. Avail of our private lessons, puppy prodigy program, obedience level 1 program, or the difficult dogs program. You can also subscribe to the Prodog TV for only $99.99!

Address: 2 Tottenham Pde West Footscray, VIC 3012

Contact: 04 1304 2811


Get your pups socialised and ready for the big world! 

Now that you’ve gone through the list of trusted dog trainers in the city of Melbourne, it’s time to take that first step and pick a school that you and your furbaby will enjoy!